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Sarvam Shakti Girls light up the stage at the BJP Social Media Volunteer Meet!

Picture this: over 40 amazing Shaktis from Sarvam Shakti taking center stage at Apparel House, Sector-44, Gurgaon. They danced their hearts out at the BJP Social Media Volunteer Meet, creating magic with a fusion of Kathak and Bharatnatyam on the song "Ekdantaya Vakratundaya." These incredible Shaktis brought so much life to the stage, and guess what? They didn't stop there! Next up was a powerful classical dance performance on the song "Maa Tujhe Salaam," where their clear steps and sharp, fine expressions stole the hearts of many, seated in the audience.

The secret sauce behind these energetic and confident performances is just hard work and sheer dedication. The Shaktis put in the effort day in and day out. Every dance, speech or Yoga opportunity becomes a stepping stone in their journey, boosting their confidence and propelling them toward bigger dreams.

Ms. Nanda Karmalkar and Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar had accompanied Shaktis to the event house, to be the forces of encouragement.

Let's talk about Shakti's power🔥

These girls are like unstoppable forces of nature. No challenge is too big, and no stage is too daunting. Because of the daily rigorous training at the Sarvam center, the confidence and strength of the girls have taken flight. They now have the spirit to turn each performance into a celebration.

You know what's the best part? It's not just about the dance. It's about the confidence that blossoms with every stage show. These Shaktis are not just dancers; they are a family, a powerhouse of talent, and each performance is a validation of their unbreakable bond.

Want to witness the magic yourself? Check out the YouTube video -(

In the spirit of #womenempowerment and #girlsempowerment, Shaktis at Sarvam Foundation are breaking barriers, celebrating their uniqueness, and setting the stage on fire with the art of hard work.

Stay tuned for more stories of these incredible Shaktis, proving that with each dance, they are stepping into a brighter, bolder future.

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