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Shaktis Steal the Spotlight: Crest Club's Event Shines a Light on Environmental Conservation.

The Crest Club, located in Gurugram, recently organized an awe-inspiring event that not only showcased the immense talent of their Shaktis, but also shed light on the critical issues surrounding

environmental conservation. Held against the backdrop of a mesmerizing sunset on June 3rd, 2023, the event left the audience awestruck and moved. The Shaktis took center stage in their garden area, delivering powerful performances that seamlessly blended Indian classical dance and yoga, captivating the hearts of everyone in attendance. With the aim of raising awareness about pressing environmental concerns, each performance was meticulously crafted to highlight different aspects of conservation, from water scarcity conveyed through the heartfelt song 'Paani,' to the urgent message of halting deforestation in the enthralling 'Ped Kaato Na Kaato.' Additionally, the Shaktis showcased their eloquence by delivering fluent English speeches before each act, adding an extra layer of impact to their performances.

As the Shaktis gracefully maneuvered through intricate dance steps and executed challenging yoga poses, the audience couldn't help but be in awe of their sheer talent and dedication. The energy in the air was palpable, and the entire show was

nothing short of breathtaking. Following the performances, the Chief Empowerment Officer of the NGO, Sarvam Shakti, took the stage to deliver an empowering speech on women's empowerment and the transformative power of holistic education. The Shaktis, brimming with confidence and happiness, were overwhelmed by the love and appreciation they received from the audience. This event was not only a celebration of their incredible talent but also a testament to the impact of empowering girls and providing them with the platform to showcase their abilities. The Crest Club's initiative to combine art, environment, and empowerment left a lasting impression on all those who attended, inspiring a collective commitment to safeguarding our planet and promoting equality through education and opportunity.

A full video of performances is on Sarvam Shakti’s Youtube channel.

Regular updates can be found on Sarvam Shakti’s instagram @sarvamshakti

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