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Skill Development of Shaktis, Block Printing Workshop at Sarvam Foundation

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Printmaking is an ancient art technique. It began as a way to make things to sell but later became a fine art form. One cool type of printmaking is called Linocut Printing. It's like making a stamp. First, you carve a piece of linoleum with sharp tools to make a design. Then, you put ink on the carved block using a rubber roller and press it onto paper or fabric to make a print.

At Sarvam Shakti, Ms. Nikita Gupta organized a Linocut workshop for 20 senior Shaktis. This workshop was divided into three parts over three days.

In the first workshop on August 21, 2023, the Shaktis learned what printmaking is and got kits with everything they needed. Ms. Nikita talked about materials and methods. She asked them to draw something important to them on the linoleum. The Shaktis created beautiful drawings.

Next, they learned how to carve the linoleum into different designs and textures. In the second workshop on August 29, 2023, the Shaktis carefully carved their linoleum sheets. After carving, they learned to make artist-proof prints on paper. This helps artists spot any mistakes in their carving. While printing, they learned to work gently and carefully to get clean prints. Detailed carving needs patience. Some Shaktis got a bit impatient, but with some encouragement, they finished their carvings and felt very happy with their work.

In the final workshop on September 10, 2023, the Shaktis brought their finished carved sheets. This time, they printed their designs on cotton tote bags, which needed more pressure. They worked in groups and helped each other. Special thanks to Neelam and Simran for helping with cleaning and organizing.

The Shaktis took their wonderful creations home with them.

Ms. Nikita Gupta said, "It was a fantastic experience teaching these kids. I saw hidden talents in them. My goal was to introduce printmaking to underprivileged kids. They learned fine arts, patience, and cleanliness while printing. I felt so proud of them. Thank you, Sarvam Shakti, for giving me this opportunity."

Just one click away, experience the linocut printing workshop led by Ms. Nikita Gupta for Shaktis. Watch the video here -

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