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Teachers Day Celebration at Rotary District Literacy Seminar 2023

"गुरू ब्रह्मा, गुरू विष्णु, गुरु देवो महेश्वरा, गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्म, तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः।"

In our Indian culture, gurus or teachers are always entities that are respected and worshipped. Teachers are placed even above Gods. Everyone needs a teacher who can guide them and show them what's right and wrong. To express our gratitude and love for our teachers, we celebrate Teacher’s Day on 5th September every year. In 2023, we celebrated Teacher’s Day at an event named “Sakshar.”

Sarvam Shakti students participated in a District Literacy Seminar this year, organized by Rotary India Literacy Mission and called "Sakshar." The event took place at PhD House, August Kranti Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi. For those unfamiliar with Rotary India Literacy Mission, it is an organization dedicated to providing quality education in India and promoting total literacy. Two teams of 20 Shaktis were present to perform and show their respect for their teachers. The teams were "Teacher Aapke Bina," led by Mrs. Hemangi Bhatnagar, and "Shiksha," led by Mr. Vijay. Both teams had 10 Shaktis, each brimming with energy for their stage performance.

The "Teacher Aapke Bina" team presented a skit in which our Shakti, Khushi, recited a shloka while the other Shaktis performed an act on stage. Their orange and red dress code made their performance stand out. Another member of the team educated the audience about the word "guru" - its meaning, significance, and origin, delving into the Sanskrit roots to simplify it for the audience. She explained that the word "guru" is composed of "gu," meaning darkness, and "ru," meaning remover. A guru is the person in our life who dispels darkness and guides us towards the light. Another Shakti took the stage to enlighten the audience about the roles of teachers in our mythological history, citing examples of Shri Krishna and Arjun. She illustrated how Shri Krishna imparted the truths of life to Arjun, emphasizing the pivotal role of Shri Krishna in motivating Arjun to participate in the Mahabharata battle, a crucial event in establishing peace. These speeches were eloquently delivered by our Shaktis.

The team "Shiksha" was the dance team, performing to the song "Deep Shiksha." Their performance revolved around the fundamental right to education that every child deserves, contrasting the darkness of illiteracy with the light of education through their black-and-white dress code.

This event provided our Shaktis with an opportunity to express gratitude to their teachers and mentors. The role of teachers in this world is more significant than we can imagine. They shape us and our future. You may have heard the saying that if God and a teacher were standing in front of me, I would touch the feet of the teacher to thank them for teaching me about God. So, we concluded our day by celebrating and expressing our gratitude to these unsung heroes known as teachers.

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