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The career path begins for Shaktis!

The career pathway has begun for our oldest batch of senior Shaktis from the Delhi project! These young women joined us at age 10 and younger and have now completed their graduation from school and some are even in college pursuing a BA programme whilst teaching part-time at Sarvam, Kumon centres and even an MCD School. They teach dance and also Mathematics!

Today was their interview at INDIGO AIRLINES for the ground staff and cabin crew position. The interviewers were impressed with the experiences and achievements the Shaktis have had. The main feedback we heard was the confidence was through the roof! The diverse curriculum at Shakti and the hundred+ dance performances each of these girls has had has given them an education for life. Also confidence to face anyone and anything!

Who can even begin to believe the humble backgrounds they come from when you look at this pic below and also see this resume:)

anjali (1)
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Shweta, Anjali, Jyoti, Shivani, Karishma and Kareena at T-1 Airport, Delhi

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