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The Girl who Wouldn't Quit: Aishika's Inspiring Taekwondo Journey

Updated: Jun 4

This story is about one of our Shaktis, Aishika Bhatt. Despite coming from an underprivileged background, she never lets circumstances dim her dreams. Her strength and determination always shine through. She is not only talented in yoga but also exhibits self-belief and relentless hard work to reach her goals.

Let's begin her inspiring taekwondo journey!

The Beginning

Last month, she learned that a taekwondo championship will be held at Tyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi, on 1st June 2024. Though the registration fee presented a hurdle, Aishika's spirit wouldn't be dettered. She had a yoga event at the Leela Ambience but managed time for both. She was practicing vigorously for the championship but also got injured during the practice. Still, she didn't give up. On 31st May, she realised she lacked the complete kit, a prerequisite for the championship. She reached out to her instructor, Mr. Vikas Singh, who, recognizing her potential, gladly lent her the kit. With renewed determination, she continued her preparation.

A night before

The night before the championship was tough for Aishika. She was nervous and had self-doubts as she had recently not been able to qualify for the regional level in the Yoga event. She was thinking about the hefty fee she had spent for the competition; will it be worth spending this much? What would be the result? What if I lose again? Having practiced Taekwondo for two years without a win, she was driven to prove her worth. This became a motivating factor for her.

The Championship Day

The competition day arrived, and Aishika woke with nervous excitement. Unable to eat breakfast due to her anxiety, she somehow ate gudchana and headed to the stadium with her father.

Upon arrival, she faced another challenge as she learned about some last minute rule changes. Her instructor calmed her, encouraging her to believe in herself. Surrounded by competitors, Ashika drew motivation from her rigorous practice.

Before the fight, she did a breathing exercise to manage her stress. As she saw the fighting ring, only one thought was going on inside her mind, which her father had told her: "When you enter the ring, don't think about anything else and get aggressive toward your opponent."

Facing a blue belt while she was a green belt, Aishika struggled but remained hopeful. She secured the second position.

After the fight ended, she saw her father's proud face. She was delighted. She couldn't believe that she had won the second position! This was a dream come true for her.

"I am thankful to my parents for their support. I am thankful to my coach, Vikas Singh. I just want to say that hard work and confidence pay off; this is what I learned at Sarvam Shakti". - Aishika Bhatt

Written by: Raunak Yadav

Proofread and edited by: Anusha Verma

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