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The Shakti’s ‘HERITAGE’ experience

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napolean Hill

This quote is true, and five of our Shaktis have proved it to us. Sarvam Shakti is proud to tell you

that our five senior Shaktis have been selected for the Heritage Internship Program. This program

comes under one of Delhi’s best and most reputed schools The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj. Firstly, we congratulate The Shaktis Jyoti, Shivani, Anjali, Priyanka, and Shweta for their selection in this program. On this proud moment, we asked them to share their experience and emotions on the first day of their internship.

They shared about their feelings just one day before their first day at work. The excitement for their first day at work took them shopping. They spent a whole day at the Sarojini market, Delhi’s dreamland for women, buying clothes, bags, and whatnot. Shaktis were also super excited to wear Zara shoes which were donated to them. They even decided on their dress code for their first day. They showed them to their parents, siblings, and friends. They imagined the scenarios of them entering the school, students greeting them, playing with them, and teaching them. Even small details like to dress like a teacher but also look like a friend to the students. After all, they just passed their 12th class and got their first internship at such a highly reputed school, I think this justifies their stream of emotions. Well, their first day didn’t go as they imagined. The Heritage School is one the Delhi’s most reputed and valued schools, they have their own process to test our Shaktis. The first day of the internship was spent in documentation, filling out forms, and interviewing. In the one-on-one interview, they asked our Shaktis about their journey and how they see this opportunity will help them in life. The Shaktis answered them with honesty and

positivity. They praised how their smile and answers were giving a positive vibe. They passed the interviews and knew that the next day would be the day of action.

flaunting their Zara shoes with wonderful photography skills

The next day their mentor teachers took them to their respective classes one by one. As they entered the class, the students greeted them saying, “Good morning, mam!”. Someone calling them mam is a whole new feeling in itself. Every time the students or the teachers addressed them as mam, they felt delighted. They were assigned to teach students of 5th and 6th standard.

They were not only given subjects that they are masters at teaching but also those in which they can learn and improve. This program gave them the opportunity to learn too. When we asked the Shaktis what you learned from your first day they said, “Patience!”. As the students will encounter doubts and problems repeatedly, they have to handle them gently and with love. So, this one-year

internship, putting aside the Rs. 10000 stipend/month, is their opportunity to learn new things, practice what they learned, and make a better version of themselves. Once again, we congratulate them and wish them more success in the future.

The journey of our senior Shaktis in the Heritage Internship Program is a testament to the power of desire and determination. From their initial excitement to the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned, their story is an inspiring reminder that passion and perseverance pave the way for success. As they embark on this one-year journey of growth and learning, we congratulate them on their achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued success. As Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." These Shaktis exemplify the spirit of unity and progress, and we eagerly anticipate the greater heights they will reach in the future.

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