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Women's Day 2024: The Shaktis Triumph (Part II)

Updated: Apr 19

This Women's Day 2024, our Shaktis had the incredible opportunity to showcase their talents and break boundaries. Extending beyond March 8th, the celebrations continued as they were invited to perform at prestigious organizations.

March 12, 2024, National Australia Bank (NAB): A Dream Come True

On March 12th, 30 of our Shaktis stepped into the grand halls of the National Australia Bank (NAB), one of Australia's top financial institutions. This wasn't just a stage; it was a symbol of possibilities once unimaginable. With vibrant Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and Yoga performances, they left the audience in awe. They danced to the songs Luka Chuppi, Pink by Amitabh Bachan, and Sarvam’s poem. And they gave a scintillating yoga performance and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

We are grateful to Tripthi Sharma, NAB’s core team member, who invited us and gave this opportunity to Shaktis.

March 16, 2024, CBRE: Celebrating with Dance and Hospitality

March 16th brought another unforgettable experience at CBRE, a leading real estate group. Eight Shaktis captivated the crowd with 3 classical dance performances. They danced to Pushpanjali, Taraana and Pink by Amitabh Bachchan. Shakti Ujala gave the introduction speech about Sarvam. The employees enjoyed the performances and praised their potential. Ms. Kritika Saraf, Our Project manager, accompanied Shaktis to the event.

CBRE's exceptional hospitality, including special food, gifts, and cash rewards for the Shaktis, made the day even more special. 

This opportunity was made possible by the efforts of Ms. Alka Sondhi, core team member and Head of the Shakti Shiksha Project.

We are thankful to Aditi, a core team member at CBRE, who invited us to the event and gave a warm welcome and great hospitality to the shaktis.

Palki, an employee at CBRE and a Kathak practitioner was amazed by the Shaktis expressions and moves and appreciated them.

March 16, 2024, Rotary Club Collaboration: Inspiring a School Community

Our partnership with the Rotary Club continues to uplift our Shaktis. The senior Rtn. Pran Mehta, Rotary District 3011, Delhi who is our continuous supporter, and does many social initiatives in the community, once again gave us an opportunity.  Mr. Sijo, a member of MCD Primary School in Najafgarh, Delhi, invited us to perform at a social event and Women's Day celebration at the school.  This event was a collaboration with the Rotary Club and facilitated by Mr. Pran Mehta. 

Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar, our Chief Empowerment Officer, accompanied Shaktis to the school. About 11 Shaktis performed and gave 2 performances - yoga and dance. There were around 80-100 people in the hall who witnessed the performance.

The girls' performance at the MCD Primary School wasn't just entertainment – it was inspiration. their dances brought smiles and their yoga performances received applause and then a standing ovation! That moment wasn't just about recognition; it was a validation of their journey.

We are very grateful to Mr. Sijo and Mr. Pran Mehta. We thank the Rotary Club for its support over the years. They support us through monthly donations, cycles to the Shaktis, and stage opportunities. They also gave a lifetime memorable experience for the Shaktis at the Rotary District Conference last year [click on the link for pictures and videos].

These aren't just performances; they're milestones. Each stage, big or small, elevates their confidence, opens doors to new possibilities, and shatters the limitations that once held our girls back. This Women's Day 2024, our Shaktis didn't just celebrate – they conquered. And their journey is only just beginning.






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