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Investing in Shaktis: Sarvam Foundation’s Journey

Updated: Apr 3

On this International Women's Day 2024, Sarvam stands with the United Nations' call to "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress". Women are warriors, tirelessly breaking barriers to unleash their potential. It's time to move beyond celebrating them and invest in their limitless spirit. Investing in girls isn't just the right thing, it's the key to building a more just and prosperous India.

The Power of Education and Skill Development

"When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous." - Michelle Obama

Educating and empowering women with skills is a fundamental human right and a powerful force for economic prosperity. When women have access to education, they gain financial independence, make informed choices about their lives, promote healthier families, and eat healthy food.  They also have a better understanding of their rights and will be more likely to speak out against discrimination and violence. Skill development bridges the gap to employment, driving personal growth and national economic advancement. Investing in girls' education and skills, we unlock their potential as leaders, change-makers, and key contributors to a stronger, more prosperous world.

Imagine the impact – if all girls finished school and entered the workforce, India could boost its GDP by a staggering $770 billion! Isn’t it great?

Shaktis on the Rise

Indeed, women are a force for positive change – and nowhere is this truer than in our Shaktis. These once underprivileged girls now symbolize the transformative power of investing in women's potential.

Through education, skills training, and the nourishment of their spirits, our 300+ Shaktis rise in many ways. These are girls like Muskan and Adrika, who dared to explore their potential despite circumstances. While five Shaktis are successfully working as teaching interns at Heritage School, many Shaktis are interviewing for teaching internships this month. They break down barriers, igniting a change in their families and communities.

The Shaktis' ambition and successes inspire not just individuals, but whole communities. Parents once hesitant to invest in daughters now see the vast potential their girls hold.

  • Shakti Neelam, facing countless hardships, didn't give up on her education. Today, she's an inspiring example to other girls.

  • Shakti Simran, the inspiring head girl of her school, through her leadership, changes how people view what girls can achieve.

  • Shakti Kritika and others showcase their dance and yoga talents, challenging outdated beliefs and proving girls belong in every arena.

Imagine when thousands more girls from underprivileged backgrounds have this chance! Let their stories inspire us to build a world where every woman has the chance to reach her full potential.

Women Leading the Way at Sarvam Shakti: A Force for Change

Strong, dedicated women are the beating heart of Sarvam Shakti. Ms. Nehha Bhatnagar, our visionary founder, saw a world where girls were held back and limited. She didn't accept this reality, instead dreaming of a brighter future filled with opportunity. That dream is what we're building every single day.

At Sarvam Shakti, we believe in the power of teamwork. We're grateful for the amazing men who support our mission! They work side-by-side with our incredible women, providing strength and fostering a culture of equality for everyone. They understand that true empowerment comes from working together, and their contributions are invaluable.

Ms. Hemangi Bhatnagar, our incredible CEO, is the engine that keeps Sarvam Shakti running smoothly. Her dedication ensures that our programs have a lasting impact on the lives of the Shaktis.

We also have a team of amazing female teachers, counselors, and more who use their skills and overflowing care to help the Shaktis blossom into the confident, capable young women they were always meant to be.

Sarvam’s Mission for Change

"When we invest in women, we invest in a powerful source of global development” - Melinda Gates

Sarvam Foundation sees great potential in every underprivileged girl who enters our doors. Our mission is to unlock that potential through quality education, skills training, dance and yoga, and nutritious food. It isn't just about creating successful individuals. It's about nurturing compassionate leaders, resilient problem-solvers, and girls who possess the values to restore India's strength. Our Shaktis are growing with talent, waiting for the chance to shine. By investing in them, we invest in a brighter, more sustainable future for India and the world. We are honored to be part of their journey, shaping the next generation of changemakers.

Written By: Shagunthala Ravi

Proofread and Edited By: Kritika Saraf


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